Social Media Posting for Student Athletes: New Heights Live Event



Cincy Reigns via Wave Sports and Entertainment will provide “the student athlete” with one admission ticket, valued at $0, to the New Heights Live Podcast in Nippert Stadium on April 11, 2024. “The student athlete”, in exchange for the ticket, will have to do one social media post (post content to be sent to the student athlete), on or before April 9, 2024. In addition, student athletes who agree will also have the opportunity to be chosen for “the Lombaby Games” as a participant.


Create a compelling social media post to promote the New Heights Live event featuring the Kelce brothers, emphasizing the event’s significance, the return of Travis and Jason to Nippert Stadium, and the charitable contributions to Cincy Reigns.


  1. Content Selection: Choose an example post provided below, one of the previously provided drafts, or create a personalized post that reflects your voice and excitement for the event.
  2. Mention Official Accounts: Include mentions for the official New Heights Live show (@NewHeightsShow) and Cincy Reigns (@CincyReigns) to enhance post visibility and engagement. Verify the correct handles on the respective social media platforms.
  3. Tagging: Tag Jason and Travis Kelce (@JasonKelce and @Tkelce on Twitter) to leverage their influence and potentially increase your post’s reach.
  4. Link to Tickets: Direct link to the ticket sales page ( to make it easy for followers to purchase tickets and learn more about the event.
  5. Visual Content: Use the attached artwork for your post.
  6. Engage: Monitor your post for any engagement (likes, shares, comments) and interact with your audience to maintain momentum and visibility.
  7. Hashtags: Utilize targeted hashtags #LetsReign and #Bearcats.
  8. Quotes: If using the example posts, don’t forget to remove the quotes.


Example Posts:


The Kelce brothers (@JasonKelce & @Tkelce) are hitting the field at Nippert for @NewHeightsShow LIVE on April 11 with a big portion of ticket sales supporting @CincyReigns.

 Let’s fill Nippert with #Bearcats pride like never before!
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